So how did a savvy bakery business gal like me come to build a place like tricycle acres? is my place to share all things food... From seed to pantry and all the growing, harvesting, frying, entertaining and preserving inbetween. Not so many years ago I was the owner and CEO of two great Calgary bakeries. I was the cookie queen, but my passion for real food led me from the rolling foothills where I was striving to meet real farmers, to the Kootenay Mountains, where I am becoming, well a real farmer! This meant packing in the whites for a pair of rubbers (boots that is!)

We up and moved our family leaving behind everyone we loved to really connect to our food system. And our adventure in living the rural life, building and growing with Permaculture has been a wonderful one! For the first few months out in the bush I didn’t even have a working stove. Most of our meals were cooked on the open fire, or eaten right from the ground - that's me there cooking freshly picked saskatoon syrup for gluten free flapjacks first thing in the morning!

This was a big change for this “food snob” leaving behind the cities amazing selection of fabulous restaurants and access to eclectic ingredients from every culture in the world. Now my kitchen has the best view ever, and my 4000 sq foot garden is my produce isle and I ramble through it 7 months of the year deciding what’s for dinner.

I am learning every day and each season how to put up food, and all the forgotten skills from our past like animal husbandry, feather plucking, gutting, grain threshing, fermenting, canning, drying, smoking, foraging, wild crafting, tincture making … you name it I am doing it all. And this is the place I am sharing my tasty successes.

My recipes and cooking styles cover my love for ethnic foods and certainly my passion for baking with and without common allergens. One of my bakeries was gluten free and dairy free so I have had many a year to bake without wheat and butter! I am focused on eating within my communities foodshed, so my recipes are seasonal or from the pantry for the most part.

There have been years in my life where I didn’t eat meat, or wheat, and now adays I have a new dairy allergy to cater to! Well the allergy has always been there it just took most of my life to connect the dots. We eat the food we grow and know and trust, and with all of the scary industrialized food practices out there this is the only way I feel safe putting food on the table. I like to call my self an ethicarian and as a Permaculturist my ethics are pretty simple: care of earth, care of people, and return of surplus… I live and eat this mantra!

I hope you find some culinary inspiration here, and I hope you can tolerate my frequent and sometimes painful typos 😉 what can I say, I’m a designer not a copy writer! Fair warning.