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Raw Eggplant Parm-ish chips





My daughter asked me to make her Eggplant Parmesan the other day with our glut of eggplants, and instead I came up with a raw dehydrated spin on the Italian classic. These lovely little crunchy bites are gluten free and dairy free yet taste deeply rich and meaty.

It is pretty simple to make too 🙂

Slice eggplant razor thin & In a large bowl combine all ingredients, dredge eggplant slices through the mix. Neatly arrange slices on dehydrator tray and dry on high flipping every 8 or so hours until crisp (about a day and a half)

But if you are looking for a no holds real deal version of Eggplant Parmesan (Actually it’s gluten free) try this recipe out!


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