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Lactose Fermented Mustard





This fermenting thing is pretty addictive, I have to warn you all!

Not only is it a easy, low energy way to put up food, it’s a brilliant way to add way more nutrients and health benefits to that food. You may have noticed I am kind of condiment crazy; I love the honey ale mustard that has become a staple in my family, we rely on my making endless batches of ketchup, HP sauce, hot saucechutney, even nutella and lemon curd. All of these things are better when they are homemade!

I recently attended a fabulous fermenting workshop and now knowing I can ferment many of the condiments I love, makes me even more happy to experiment. I know I said before how easy making mustard was… well now fermenting mustard makes it even easier to have nourishing condiments on the table. Check out how simple this is…

In a bowl combine:

1 cup mustard powder

1/2 cup crushed whole yellow mustard seeds

9 tablespoons whey (can make your own by separating a nice organic yogurt, or ask your local milk maid)

8 tablespoons water (spring water only, do not use chlorinated water as it will inhibit fermenting)

3 Tbsp nice course garlic powder

3 tsp sea salt

Stir well and using a canning funnel pour mixture into a very sterile jar. Cover with a clean lid (not to tight) and allow to sit on the counter for 3 days, before it’s ready to use. Keep in fridge and enjoy!

Too easy right?



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