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smokey ham and potato soup





Kinda like a ham chowder I guess. This soup is dairy free and gluten free, silky and stick to your ribs. It’s not bogged down with heavy cream but it has a creaminess about it coming from the rich slow cooked bone broth and some pureed potatoes (use sweet potatoes for a paleo soup). You can of course use bacon instead of ham, and in fact I used smoked pork chops ends from our last little piggie who “went to market”, so ham isn’t a fair term for the juicy smokey sweet flavors this pork contains.

I have a bone broth workshop coming up in less than 2 weeks so my house is fully of bubbling vats of broth and a heavy meaty aroma… which has me dreaming up and making a lot of soup, especially as things start to cool down for the season. I am getting really exciting about the content of the coming class ” The Culture of Broth”. I have teamed up again with Master Herbalist Colleen Emery to teach both the nutritional and traditional benefits of broth, along with culinary how-to’s and hands on methods for both brewing and pressure canning your broth. I’ll be serving up an extensive bone broth tasting and a lunch of meaty broth and farm fresh veggies soup accompanied by roasted bone marrow and sourdough baguette. There are still 3 spots left in the class if your in the Slocan area!

But lets get back to the soup:

You’ll need to have on hand 3 cups of bone broth (If you haven’t made it before, stay tuned I will be posting a step by step after the class)

In your best deep bottom pot using a little pad of tallow or lard or oil start to brown onions, garlic & celeriac. Once golden add potatoes and season with S+P, paprika and a pinch of nutmeg. Add 8 cups of water and 3-4 cups of bone broth, bring to a low simmer and cook covered for about 30-40 minutes.

When the potato is cooked through, use your immersion blender to puree about 1/2 to 2/3 of the veggie bits. I like to leave some whole to add interest to the soup (which is more chowder like) and if you prefer a smooth finish, certainly you can puree it in a vitamix and even strain it to make it velvety smooth.

Now you want to add your pork bits in whatever form you prefer, if your using bacon give it a nice crisp fry first, if your using ham or smoked chops simple slice and add to the pot. Add a handful of frozen corn, a few table spoons of grainy mustard (home made fermented is great) a good glug of hot sauce, and more S+P to taste. Let soup simmer on low for another 30 minutes or more.

Before your ready to serve the soup add in a hearty handful of finely chopped fresh parley and chives. Garnish with more herbs and a drizzle of hot sauce.





3 medium chopped onions
6 cloves of chopped garlic
1 finely chopped celeriac
4 medium potatoes chopped fine
2 cups frozen corn
Grainy mustard
Hot sauce
1/2 lb smoked pork chops or ham or cooked bacon
fresh parsley
fresh chives
* You can click off ingredients as you use them or check if you have them