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So in case you haven't figured it out by now, I love Food! In fact, my professional career has been built around food since I was 12 years old when I started baking cookies in the family business. One day I would come to own my families cookie shop, followed by a wholesale organic + special dietary bakery I founded and ran before finally selling up both business and heading for the hills! These days from my mountain side homestead I work with start-up and small businesses looking for creative solutions.


Branding + Logo Design

I love to develop identities for small businesses. Branding is the science of how we as designers convey to your target audience the mood of your product and the message of your company successfully!

Website Development

I create customized WordPress based websites, which you the user can easily maintain, edit and add to regularly. I will even help you learn how to navigate the back end of your beautiful new on-brand web presence.

Promotion + Packaging

This is where your brand really shines! I design advertising and promotional material for you to spread the gospel of your great product or service to the world. I have a niche for food packaging design, and provide packaging solutions that meet government regulations and stand out on store shelves!

Out of the Box Solutions

I offer consulting and support to clients to navigate the challenges that being in business throws at you daily. Finding beyond the box solutions that are creative, cost effective and inspiring is one of the things I do best!

Event Production & Facilitation

This service requires a lot of passion and a little magic! I have created and produced a number of hugely successful events around food and agriculture. I have solid facilitation skills and work great in front of and with large groups of participants. Because of my design skills I bring polished professionalism to events along with an enthusiasm for local food systems and economies.

Speaking & Teaching

Sharing knowledge is so important to me. I embrace opportunities to share my thoughts and ideas on food preservation. My go-to for hands on workshops focus on introductory to advanced canning, fermenting and pressure canning techniques.